Our Process

Our Process


OASIS can be applied to almost any decision, like choosing a university, vacation plans, a job opportunity, etc.

At OASIS Advisers we utilize the process to support sound financial decisions, uncover blind spots, achieve financial security and general well-being.  What you will discover is a lot of common sense and a simple process that helps you make wise financial choices.

It's important to note that the OASIS process is not uncommon to how many of us make important decisions today, though maybe less formally and detailed than what we propose.  For example, buying or selling a home requires Organizing, Analyzing, Strategy, Implementation and Service (Maintenance).

Step 1: Organize

The most important step is the first, building your Asset-Map. It’s here we help you organize all your important information and documents to get a clear picture of where you are today. We talk about where you want to go and the challenges you face today. Organization is the foundation of developing a customized financial plan aimed at clarifying and achieving your goals.

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Step 2: Analyze

Once your Asset-Map is created, we then analyze 34 points of personal financial planning that may affect your household. Retirement Income Modeling, Tax Efficiency, Liability and Risk Tolerance are examples of a few points we analyze.  Our goal is to measure and project your current financial path and analyze what if scenarios for improvement. It’s during the analysis stage that financial blinds spots may appear.

Step 3: Strategy

At this stage you will receive a list of custom-crafted recommendations that address your goals, values and needs. We reduce the 34 key points of personal financial planning to 7 core areas. Once you fully understand and are satisfied with our recommendations, together we then prioritize the list of tasks associated with the recommendations.

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Step 4: Implement

It's important to note that "Rome wasn't built in a day." Implementation of your plan is a multi-step process that begins with what is most important today and followed with gradual implementation over time.

Step 5: Service

Life changes, and so does your financial condition. Along with regular required maintenance of your financial Plan, we MAP(My Action Plan) the next two years of service meetings to promote accountability from you and OASIS Advisers. Financial improvement isn't a one-time event but a lifetime commitment to a healthy financial routine that requires maintenance, monitoring and adjustments.  Here within you will find your OASIS.

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Sample OASIS Client Playbook

The Client Playbook is a crucial part of the OASIS Process.

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